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Gekinweb.com is a leading cloud-based development platform that allows anyone to launch and develop an online website.

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Improve Site Ranking

​Hundreds of templates,
a unique style: yours

No technical knowledge required

With SEO panel you can configure the right keywords for your website to rank high. Gekinweb will make your content lightweight so to greatly improve website load time.​

Choose a template that fits with your business. You can customise every aspect of your website to reflect your identiy and your business.  

You don't need technical knowledge to create your awesome website. Thanks the "drag & drop" technology, move  every web element anywhere you want! 

Start now, create your website

Not sure where to start? With Gekinweb it's quick and easy.

  1. Choose your favorite model from more than a hundred templates.
  2. Upload your logo, your images and your content.
  3. Customize every aspect of the template.
  4. Write quality texts and make them unique.
  5. Promote your site with our marketing and SEO tools.

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Choose from hundreds of
Customizable templates

Choose among the categories, and find the model that's right for you! Select it and start creating your website right away. You can keep it as it is and fill it with your content or use it as a basis to develop your project by changing every aspect of the chosen model to 100%. You are free to do, what you want!


Do-it-yourself creation
Easy and Fast!

Creating a beautiful website has never been so easy. You don't need any informatic skills. Choose a template, customize it as you want, add your photos, your videos and texts and your site is ready to go online.


Connecting your website

to social networks 

Your site has a "SOCIAL" soul
A website created with our platform, it's immediately connected to the main social networks. Your customers will be able to tweet, share and put "Like" directly from the pages of your website: their friends will know your website so they can share it in turn. Your content will spread faster and you can reach and acquire many new customers!


Make a responsive website
it's very simple!

Perfect visualization from every device
Thanks to two work areas, a desktop and a mobile, you can create a perfect website tailored to every screen and smartphone. You can customize your website for mobile and improve the browsing experience of your customers: your website will be perfect everywhere.


Your changes are
immediately online!

Update and modify your website: We will automatically save any change you make. Gekinweb is equipped with an innovative technology that automatically saves your current work. No effort needed on your side: you can update your website whenever you want, 24X7.

You just need a PC and an internet connection: visit www.gekinweb.com, login with your credentials and update your project as many times as you wish.


Choose your style, get online now!

Hundreds of custom templates: whatever is your business, we have what you need!

Everything is possible with Gekinweb!

Gekinweb is the perfect solution for small and big companies, professionals, freelance, and, in general, for those who need to manage their websites in a simple way.

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